Student Housing Apartment Complex – Albany, NY

Southpointe Telecom Technology is an excellent choice for project leaders wanting ‘one responsible’ vendor for telephone, security, computer cabling, door access and CCTV cameras.  Our most recently completed project is the 277 bed student housing facility managed by Aspen Housing in Albany, NY.  This 5 story building is equipped with several unique Southpointe Telecom products.  Most importantly, our systems are integrated into one computer allowing your staff or Southpointe Telecom engineers to provide remote maintenance by securely logging onto the system from our corporate office.



CCTV Cameras

Southpointe Telecom installed over 40 IP (Internet Protocol) based cameras.  For maintenance reliability all cameras were split up on 3 computers.  All 40+ pictures can be watched on a large screen TV,  Iphone, Android or tablet device.  All 40+ cameras record movement with a time date stamp log making it easy to find an incident. 




 Card/Key Fob Access Systems

Each student is given a keychain FOB with registered individual names logged on the computer for entry time, door and number.  All entries can be verified on the CCTV camera recall system. Events are recorded 24/7 with time and date stamp.

Audio System

 The student community room, and outside decks are equipment with high quality weatherproof stereo speakers.  Students can select their own music using wireless Bluetooth connection to their phone or tablet.   For special events, a wireless microphone is on hand for announcements.


Southpointe Telecom uses the latest VoIP (Voice Over Internet protocol) based  technology, making it easy to move phones between desks or connect/transfer callers to cell phones.

Landscape Lighting

Southpointe uses LED low voltage technology reducing power cost by 80% with no bulb replacement.  This includes added safety with low voltage lighting.  Included is color changing lighting adding interest to the landscaping.


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