IT Services

Southpointe Telecom has a "never too small never too large" approach to managed IT services. Our team has managed and provided help desk services for network systems as large as a 600 student off campus housing Wi-Fi network and all the way down to small businesses with 2-3 employees. Southointe Telecom will work closely with your organization taking a hands on approach to address all necessary IT problems and provide an affordable and efficient solution.

Computer running slower than it used to?

Often what appears to be a system problem is really a local computer virus, malware, or spyware issue. This often appears to be a slow network but in reality it is contaminated software. Our team restores your computers back into top performing condition.

Some companies prefer to wipe clean  their computers prior to turning them over to new employees. Let us refurbish your old computers to give your new employees a fresh start. If you have a technical issue contact us to see how we can help.