Small Business Phone Package
and Monthly VoIP Service

• 4 Business Class Phones • Virtual Auto Attendant • 2 Call Paths • Forward Calls to Cell Phones • Voicemail to Email • 3 Way Conference Calls • Unlimited Domestic Calling • Music On Hold

4 Phone Package Only $399

*Requires monthly VoIP phone subscription at $93.68 + tax. Package cost is a one time fee for phone hardware and configuration, and shipping.

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Small Business Phone System and Monthly VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Service

This system is a complete ‘turnkey’ setup for your office.  Included are programming of all phones with phone number, extensions,  24 hour auto answer attendant, two call paths, unlimited domestic calling, music on hold, 3 way conference calling, forwarding to cell phone, and a voice mail box for each extension. The 4 Business Phone Package has a one time fee of $389 for phone hardware, configuration, and shipping and a monthly fee of $93.68 +tax for VoIP phone service.

What makes this different from our competitors?  We interview and discuss in detail what your specific needs are before purchase, layout exactly what is needed. Go over your office setup. (Send pictures to us for layout and review) and recommend a final setup selection.

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Can we transfer calls to my cell phones?

Yes, we have several ways to do that.  We can ring your desk phone first,  if no answer, we then transfer the call to your cell phone.  Your caller does not know if you are in the office or on the road.  Background music is playing during transfer and hold. 

Can we have phones in multiple offices and field locations?  

Answer and transfer of calls is seamless.  Even if a call is transferred to another state or country.  You caller hears extension rings or music on hold.

Do we have caller ID displayed before answering?

Yes, the phone displays the caller number (Name when applicable)  even to a cell phone.

Can the caller ring more than one phone?

Yes, we can set up ringing for multiple extension answer,  cell phone groups or sales groups.

What if I experience loss of power?

The caller is transferred to a cell phone in the event of power loss, making sure no calls are missed.



Phone System Feature List
(Features with an * available for additional cost, all others included with basic service)

Attended Transfer
Auto Attendant Answering
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
*Burstable Virtual Call Paths
Busy Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding
Call Hold
Call Park
*Call Queues
*Call Recording
Call Routing Time Frames
Call Waiting Indicator
Caller ID
Caller ID Blocking
Caller ID Routing
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Directed Call Pickup
Disable Outbound Dialing
Do Not Disturb
Find Me (Digital Assistant)
Forward Calls Locally or Remotely (via Phone or Web)
Incoming Call Blocking
Incoming Call Identification
Incoming Caller ID Routing
Incoming Privacy Screening
*Listen Live
Live Person Answering
Multicast Paging
No Answer Call Forwarding
Office Intercom
One Button Redial
1-6 Digit Extension Dialing
Outbound Dialing Rules
Outgoing Call Blocking
Ring Groups
Shared Virtual Call Paths
Speed Dial
Unattended Transfer
Voicemail to Email
*Voicemail to Text Message
Music or Commercials On Hold
E911 Support
Call Detail Reports
Call Volume Graphs